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    Welcome to Catacomb Composers where free access is provided to the world’s largest assemblage of unpublished Christian music. Here you will find sample performances of inspirational songs that can be down loaded for personal us ...Read More


    There is only so much room in a hymnal. Church music publishers have to insure that traditional music continues to be available, and this requirement takes up the bulk of the music presented in a publication designed for worship. ...Read More


    Tom DeFrange – Founder   Raised in the Catholic tradition, I have served as a music educator and church director in over 20 different churches in and around the vicinity of Akron, Ohio since the age of 18. This year mar ...Read More


    We invite songwriters to use this site as a vehicle for sharing their unpublished compositions with the world. You can offer your work for consideration by sending it as an attachment to catacombcomposers@yahoo.com. We can work wi ...Read More

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    This is a collection of original instrumentals. Those marked with (*) can be found as music videos in the post to the right.                               ...Read More

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    You can find below links to the song pages on this site that include video renderings, using power points, images or footage supporting a given message, or sample choral presentations. These are being continuously updated. A Givin ...Read More

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    The individual pages providing the audio/visual materials designed for the rehearsal and presentation of a given song, often includes “Sample Performances” of the piece. Many songs pages, however,  do not yet provide recorded ...Read More


    This site offers original music for worship for the use of church music directors as well as listening music for the general public. It is designed to facilitate the selection, rehearsal and presentation of music for worship, util ...Read More