Composer's Notes

Here is a message from the mystics who see God as the foundation of our identities as we provide the Infinite a vehicle through which finitude might be experienced.  For these believers the notion that we and God are one is not figurative but to be taken literally.  We are immortal because as emanations of the Divine, we were never created and we will continue to live forever as one with the Eternal Consciousness. There was never a “time” when we did not exist, for the Ground of our Being is not an entity that thinks but is Itself Thought, is not an entity that loves but is Itself Love.  Where space and time do not exist there is nothing to separate us from Deity and nothing to separate Deity from us. We are God Transcendent as He exists outside of space/time and God is us as God Immanent, not just living our lives with us but as us. Jesus Christ was not an anomaly. It is our destiny “to be like Him”.      Although this point of view rocks the foundation of orthodox Christianity, it rests securely on the outer edges of all the world’s great religions in the ancient traditions of their mystics.

Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tom DeFrange


Recording Engineer: