Visual Rendering

Composer's Notes

In the fall of 1985 the Legacy members invaded St. Patrick School in Kent Ohio and using 3 camera crews, one under my direction, one under my brother Tim’s and one under Leslie Hudak’s, produced the “Pushin’ Peace Power” music video in a single afternoon. The directors were given the lyrics they each had to cover and instructed to come up with something with the help of the seventh and eighth grade students. The verses covered peace within, peace in the home and school, peace in the community and peace in the world. Not a bad result for our directing debut! This was my first and last attempt at writing a rap song blest with an assist from my brother Denis who created and sent me the accompaniment track from California. The lead vocal is the voice of my friend Pat O’Shea, an educator and peace activist who has since left this world. We had planned to dub in the kids voices latter, but it never happened. 

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