Composer's Notes

This setting was successfully used for many years at the Kent State Newman Parish where I directed in the 1970’s.  For the ordinary of the Mass I often created arrangements that would allow a congregation to sing in parts with minimum rehearsal.  The three groups were comprised of Sopranos, the ladies sitting on the lectern side, altos,  the the ladies on the pulpit side, and all men.  The various groupings would simply sing the melody until their underlining symbol stopped and hold the note till their symbol started again. Words in bold type would be sung on the notes they were holding.  The round section is all ladies followed by men.  Of course, you could just sing the whole arrangement through without holding notes.  In fact this is how it is first learned.  Music that is done Sunday to Sunday offers the adequate exposure to do something more challenging.  This also keeps it interesting.

This setting no longer fits the text requirement of current Catholic Churches, but it still works for Lutheran and other denominations that use this kind of service music.

Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tom DeFrange


Recording Engineer: