Composer's Notes

  Our perception of God is extrasensory, born of the Mind of our Soul that exists beyond the physical boundaries of our biological brain. It is the non-local vantage point from where we see our own thoughts and commandeer them in the quest for truth. It directs our feelings to seek out beauty and is reflected by our appetite for the panoramic view from a mountaintop that best reflects, on a physical level, the omnipresent vision of the Divine. The Mind of Soul is the part of us that still exists beyond time and space and haunts us with the memory of our true home, the realm of our Deific Consciousness, our True Identity, that intangible Link between Me and You.  For guitar chording in the key of D use lead sheet without capo. Sample performance does not reflect lyric revisions.

Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tom DeFrange


Recording Engineer: