Composer's Notes

The traditional God of Christianity is often portrayed as an inscrutable, righteous judge who rewards the virtuous and punishes the wicked with an afterlife of heaven and hell. He is a jealous Deity who is offended by sin and gratified by adulation. He can be moved to action on our behalf in response to our petitions, but if he chooses otherwise, it is always in our best interest. Subsequently we must give Him credit for our successes even as we bear the blame for our failures. He has a history of wreaking havoc on the earth in response to inappropriate human behaviors, although sacrificial offerings have proven successful in appeasing Him, the last being that of his crucified Son. He indiscriminately bestows grace and blessings on some while denying it to others, even to the point of who will be moved to believe in Him. He is a God of love bound by the attribute of His justice who allows the evil in the world to exist for which He is not responsible.  How well does this Iron Age version of deity serve us in the 21st century? If there was ever a myth in need of dispelling, this one is it.

Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tom DeFrange


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