A Tersanctus for Good Friday by Tim DeFrange

Composer's Notes

The Trisagion (Greek: Τρισάγιον “Thrice Holy”), sometimes called by its opening line Agios O Theos, is a standard hymn of the Divine Liturgy in most of the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches. The Latin name Tersanctus or Ter Sanctus is sometimes used to refer to this hymn, although this name is also sometimes used to refer to the Sanctus; it is the latter, a different formula, which is used in Western Christianity in the Mass.  In churches which use the Byzantine Rite, the Trisagion is chanted immediately before the Prokeimenon and the Epistle reading. It is also included in a set of prayers named for it, called the Trisagion Prayers, which forms part of numerous services (the Hours, Vespers, Matins, and as part of the opening prayers for most services). It is popular also in the Latin Church, where it is a part of the supplication, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and other prayers. (from Wikipedia.)

When singing with the congregation I recommend the lower key of A.

Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tim DeFrange - Accompaniment by Tom DeFrange


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