Composer's Notes

      What if the “Word of God” is not words at all? What if God doesn’t speak English or Latin or Hebrew or Greek? What if the language of God’s revelation is much more universal, available to all people of all times, just by virtue of their “people-hood”? If God made us with the idea in mind of being able to communicate with us, would He not give us the necessary equipment to hear His signal? I believe He would. And that tool would not be in the form of any one written Scripture which is bound by geography, history or culture. It would rather be in the form of receptors with which we are all simply born. Revelation is delivered to each of us in the universal language of ideas, feelings and the report of our physical senses that we then translate into words; and in this translation much is lost.  In theological parlance this is referred to as natural or general revelation.  The orthodox position is to make formal revelation, the biblical report, formative of the message of general revelation. I find this position as one which censures the messages that God might have been telling us since the biblical content was determined and is still telling us today. General revelation gives us a platform from which we can go back and check their work. This accompaniment track is best performed with the addition of a guitar.




Production Credits

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tom DeFrange


Recording Engineer: