This site is provided free to individuals looking to enhance their Christian music library or for church music directors interested in enhancing the worship repertoire of his or her congregation.  As a church music director or worship planner you will have access to all the materials available on this site with permission to download and duplicate as is necessary for the rehearsal and eventual presentation of a given piece. Individual participants will find mp3 recordings and sheet music for personal use. You are free to download materials from this site but only after registering as “member” who has signed off on the user agreement.  We make this stipulation to protect the rights of our participating composers.

Click on“Be a Member” to register.  Once you have created a password you are then free to use this site any time following the guidelines outlined in the user agreement. Perhaps sometime down the road I will monetize this site with a modest yearly membership fee. If and when this should go into effect you will be given ample time to respond as you see fit. For now and until further notice there will be no charge for the use of this site.

This material is basically provided to enhance the worship experience of your congregation. Beyond this objective, should your church musicians wish to produce a songbook or CD recordings that include material on this site in order to promote the worship or work of your congregation, or as fund raiser, rights to the material are granted with a copyright “used with permission” notice.  To use this music for commercial or personal gain, royalty  fees will need to be negotiated with individual composers. See the “User Agreement” for a more detailed explanation.