We invite songwriters to use this site as a vehicle for sharing their unpublished compositions with the world. You can offer your work for consideration by sending it as an attachment to We can work with manuscripts or an audio presentation. You can see on our site that we actually employ a great variety of variations as to how a given song is presented. The more modalities that you yourself can generate, the better. If you lack the where-with-all to provide sheet music or don’t have the resources to do sample performances or accompaniment tracks, these elements can be created as your work progresses to its eventual “song page”, and becomes indexed on the site.

You retain ownership of the copyright of your song. We are not an official publishing entity. There is no charge to you for the use of this resource nor will you receive monetary compensation for your work. In effect, you are allowing individuals and churches to benefit from your talents without cost.

Certainly, you are free to post your creations on a website of your own. Hundreds of songwriters do that every week. It might be on Facebook or My Space or a self-generated site. The advantage of joining Catacomb Composers is the power of numbers. Here your song will be indexed based on its subject matter and made available to individuals in need of the particular message your song may provide. Because this Site represents a large resource to church music directors, more of them would be attracted to it. In turn, that will allow your work to be enjoyed by the hundreds of congregants they serve.


The existence of this Site has also been made known to church music publishing companies who may be in the market for a particular kind of song to fill a specific liturgical need. This site is a resource for them as well. Should your work be “discovered” here by a publisher or a commercial recording artist, as the owner of the copyright you are free to negotiate the required compensation. Finally, we are not just featuring your songs here. We are also featuring you. In your bio you are free to notify the readers of the other great material you have available for sale on your latest CD or send them to your personal web site.

You are free to withdraw your work from this site at any time. We are not interested in competing with a publisher who might want to market your material.

What kind of music are we looking for? We value variety. We value music that is different from the usual fare. If you have been turned down by a publisher because your music is “not like the kind of music they publish”, then we want to hear from you. We bill this site as a resource for alternative material. The Christian music industry and the Church publishing houses are adequately meeting the need for the conventional. Here we are looking for originality.

For the past thirty to forty years I had been sitting on a great collection of original music, used, to be sure, by congregations I have served, but only made available to the limited audience within the scope of my personal ministry. With the creation of this Site, my work has now been made available to Christians world-wide. I invite you to join me. You may have written music that could touch the lives of thousands, but it serves no purpose sitting in a drawer. If Christian songwriting is your gift then here is the opportunity to share your talents with those who might best benefit from them. Perhaps now is the time to serve the purpose for which you were so ordained!