There is only so much room in a hymnal. Church music publishers have to insure that traditional music continues to be available, and this requirement takes up the bulk of the music presented in a publication designed for worship. New editions are only sporadically printed, as congregations can’t afford to frequently replace the old ones. Even publishers who utilize yearly issued paperback hymnals are faced with the problem of limited space. Churches that use the Power Point approach are less restricted as far as possible content. These churches tend to concentrate more on contemporary music, often drawing from selections featured on Christian radio. What we find here is music that lacks thematic specificity. Often referred to as “Praise Music” this genre rarely focuses on specific Scriptural content. As their audience is the general Christian population, the theological message of music on Christian radio will never stray far beyond the common core messages that encapsulate traditional Christian pedagogy. There is nothing wrong with this, but I would suggest that music might not only serve to touch worshipers on an emotional level, but intellectually as well.
This site is offered as a supplementary resource to what a given congregation’s repertoire might contain. Here you will find music, to be sung by or for the congregation, that zeros in on the scripturally driven theme of a given worship service. Music that reinforces the sermon or the Scripture of the day, either by paraphrase, a retelling of the story, or perhaps as a reflection on the Scripture’s message, can contribute greatly to the thematic cohesiveness of the Sunday morning worship experience.
Across the country and around the world are thousands of gifted composers whose work is only available to a limited audience. Perhaps they have produced a CD distributed among their friends. Perhaps their work is limited to the specific congregation they might serve. This site represents a platform where such a composer might share his or her talents with Christians world-wide. It is not restricted by the available space in a hymn book or the marketing concerns of the Christian music recording industry. We do not engage in theological censorship. Here you are free to listen to and sing the thoughts and feelings of many different kinds of Christians–liberal and conservative–who offer their vision to the world. God can speak to anybody through anybody. This is revelation at work, alive and well today even as it inspired those thinkers and poets whose writings became enshrined in our Scriptures.
If you are a Christian composer/song writer, we invite you to lend your voice to the conversation. If you have come to listen in, feel free to avail yourself of the blessings, moments of insight and inspiration that, for you, the vehicle of this website might represent.